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Our digital world is rammed with graphic designs for marketing purposes. Whether you’re surfing online or picking up a printed publication to browse, advertising gets cleverer by the day in grabbing people’s attention. Resurrect Media believes that people appreciate originality and integrity. We craft graphic designs tailor-made to suit your needs, which will make your target audience think, ‘Oh… That’s different’. If you want your organisation to stand out from the crowd, in the way you are presented, get in touch now to discuss your design needs:

Céline Eyte, business partner (design/photography) for Resurrect Media, has an education in graphic design. That in itself sounds like a nondescript statement. You need to understand the education system in Belgium to know what that means. Think Karate Kid. He practised Karate from a young age and knew… well, Karate. Céline has also chopped her way to the top of her profession, specialising almost wholly in graphic design since a young teenager. Students are encouraged to take single subjects from a young age, en Belgique. That works to your benefit because when it comes to graphic design, those two words define, in a nutshell, what Celine’s professional profile is all about. She lives and breathes creativity. You know the sort – always looking out the window, dreaming and imagining things, then drawing non-stop or putting together patterns and whirls or colourful whatnot on a computer. If you need graphic design, you need to employ Céline’s services. Enough said.

Here’s a summary of Céline’s career tick box list. She has a Diploma of 7th Art/Advertising Design from Habey St Benoit College and has worked for a number of charities and mission organisations such as IBTI (where she completed two years at Bible School); LLB, Sure Hope, AME (Ireland) and Graphiste Harpingy. Celine worked for an ad agency, Prontaprint, in Sussex and is now enjoying projects via Resurrect Media. A recent example is designing a new logo and infographic for James the Sweep (‘Perfect’ – James’ verdict!). If you’re looking for sensitive, unique designs, talk to Céline. She offers a wide range of design skills such as logos, menus, leaflets, book covers and posters using professional software including Indesign, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Céline’s first language is French, so if you need help with translation – she can help with that too!

Examples of Céline’s design work:-