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04.01.21 [Chris] – I’m excited to have lined up two family history projects researching the backgrounds for two (unrelated) interested parties who currently live in the northern parts of England (when you originally come from the Sussex coast, as I do, anywhere north is ‘north’! I consider Londoners to be northerners). It’s a new venture for us, writing family histories, but my experience in journalism is equal to the task. I will be studying the families’ trees, root out more info and scrutinise local facts, figures, cultural and economic aspects of the past and then turn the information into fluent narratives, in effect creative (but factual) biographies in E-book form for the families concerned. Find out more about writing your family history. I love this type of work so please do get in touch if you’re interested! Yes, you can easily research family history using online sources but have you considered how to turn all that bits n’ bobs info about ancestors into an easy-to-read story, which would be more accessible for future generations (i.e. “this is our family history!”)? I am a journalist and I can help!

Celine has been busy updating the design of our website, which looks fantastic (lovely new logo). She’s also been making bath bombs as a new project (nothing to do with her concern about my own hygiene, I’m sure…) and it will be interesting to see how that develops. This lockdown makes getting out with the camera difficult but she has plans for taking more snaps and meanwhile, she’s reviewing previous nature landscapes taken in recent months.

This pandemic won’t last forever so if you need any help with communications, photography, family history or need tutoring (we have diverse interests!) – please contact us!

Finally, this is nothing to do with work. But I’ve finished reading ‘Spitfire: A Very British Love Story’ by John Nichol. It’s a wonderful book exploring the development of the much-loved Second World War aeroplane and the personal stories of the pilots (both men and women) who flew it. I don’t get any commission from recommending this tome but even so, I think it’s a brilliant book. Please do put it on your reading list!  

29.12.2020 – We’re back! The Covid-19 pandemic caused us to suffer a bad hit to our business earlier this year after work was cancelled. We lost two-thirds of work and had to tread water for a while but recently we started getting fresh interest. It’s been encouraging to realise there’s still a need ‘out there’ for what we do best. We relaunched our site and immediately shot up to second in Google search ranking for ‘content marketing Abergavenny’. We’ve also created new areas of interest with family history and academic tutoring. We want our areas of service to reflect our own interests – writing, family history, tour guiding (post pandemic) and tutoring for Chris and photography for Celine. Perhaps it’s a sign of approaching our middle years but we just want to really enjoy our work rather than pretend we offer it all. That’s why we’ve dropped any offering of website design. We don’t do it. Don’t ask! We DO research family history, write all sorts of savvy content, give learning support and (from the summer 2021) give guided tours – plus Celine is going forward with her photography. In a sense, we’re completely unique offering these unrelated services. Celine finds weddings a bit daunting so she’s stopped that but, on the other hand, she loves taking portrait photos (she took a pic of a business owner at Abergavenny Castle recently) and nature landscapes. She’s also been painting illustrations (is that the right way to phrase it?) and created Christmas cards depicting scenes from around Abergavenny. Despite the troubled times we live in, we’re excited about 2021 and looking forward to helping more and more people – helping you, telling your story!